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Big Lake's Best Championship $1 Off Pints Story-01.png


Big Lake's Best was a social campaign that I worked together on with the creative manager and copywriter on my team. My responsibilities included project management, videography, video editing, graphic design and strategically creating the bracket with pairings that made sense and would land the most popular beers in separate quadrants.

I planned, art directed, and recorded/edited a video for each quadrant with the head brewer and pub manager of Big Lake Brewing. Every week, we posted the video along with initial match-ups on Instagram stories  with voting polls. As results came in, it was my responsibility to create new match-up graphics to prepare for the new polls. 

The championship round results came in on a Thursday and by Friday I created new story graphics and filmed/edited a final championship video announcing the winner.

The social campaign received hundreds of votes in the pub and online with continuous engagement throughtout.

March Madness Bracket Print.png
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Big Lake's Best Story Template-01.png
Big Lake's Best Story Template-02.png
Big Lake's Best Round 3 Group 2 Story Intro.png
Big Lake's Best Round 4 Group 1 & 3 Story Winner Bracket Results.png
Big Lake's Best Championship Winner Result Blood Orange-01.png
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