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In 2022, I was tasked with re-designing the new summer food and cocktail menu for Wonderland Distilling. They wanted to keep the same design but had a largely different menu. I managed to successfully design the new layout which had many new additions.

In 2023, I was tasked with the same challenge - keep the old design and swap all the menu items. But this year there were even more added items than in 2022 and we didn't receive their list of new items until two weeks prior to their deadline. I again successfully managed to design the layout and fit all the new items in their spaces. The owner and manager were very pleased with the menu and quick turn around of less than two weeks.

I was also in charge of communicating with the printer to ensure these were printed properly and with our clients needs in mind.

Food & Cocktail Menu_WL_2704_WEB-02.png
Food & Cocktail Menu_WL_2704_WEB-01.png
Cocktail Menu July 2022-01.png
Food Menu July 2022-01.png
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